Hassler's Notary & Automotive is your one-stop PennDot CERTIFIED Reconstructed Title & Inspection Specialist.  Questions regarding your title reconstruction and inspection should be emailed to  The process of obtaining a title and registration for a reconstructed vehicle is somewhat involved. PennDot requires that salvaged, specially constructed, and modified vehicles undergo an enhanced safety inspection process. This includes the enhanced inspection, photos of the vehicle, and paperwork which must be processed by a certified document reviewer.
After this step has been completed, the vehicle can be registered. Some reconstructed vehicles must be processed online, while others are required to be sent directly to PennDot for completion. Once registered, the vehicle will need its annual safety and emissions (if required by law) inspection.

The good news is Hassler's has professional and knowledgeable staff prepared to help you with your Pennsylvania and out-of-state salvage, reconstructed, specially constructed and modified titling from start to finish.

After you restore your vehicle to roadworthy condition, one of Hassler's Enhanced Safety Inspection Mechanics will do a thorough examination to make sure your vehicle meets all the necessary requirements and is safe for you to drive. Next, one of Hassler's Certified Document Reviewers will process the requisite paperwork making your reconstructed transaction fast and easy.

If your vehicle has already been inspected at another enhanced station, the MV426B has been filled out, and the photos signed by the mechanic, Hassler's will help you finish with processing your paperwork.

Below is a list of what is required by PennDot


Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm
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notary: 610.589.4579
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It is also helpful if you have an old registration card handy if you plan to transfer a license plate. Be prepared with all the documentation required by PennDot. This way you can expect a much quicker and straightforward experience of getting your vehicle on the road again.

This checklist will help you organize your paperwork.

Reconstructed Inspection Fee: $69.95
Photos: $8.00
Processing Fees: Please call.

Payment Gateway

Proof of Ownership which is an R-Title or Salvage Certificate
MV426B - The Application for Reconstructed, Specially Constructed, Collectible, Modified, Flood, Recovered Theft Vehicles and Street Rods filled out by an enhanced safety inspection mechanic and a certified document reviewer
Photos signed and dated by the inspection mechanic
Proof of current insurance
Proof of identification such as a PA driver's license or photo ID card
Bill of Sale or Purchase/Buy Back Letter from insurance company
Receipts for all major components that were replaced
Weight slip for trucks and trailers if unladen weight is not listed on proof of ownership

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