Plates & Temporary Tags
With Hassler’s Instant Online Service, you get your plate, sticker & registration card while you wait. In some instances, transactions must be processed at PennDOT, so stickers and registration cards will not be issued instantly.

New Registrations
Are you ready to put your vehicle on the road? Let Hassler’s Notary & Automotive help you get registered instantly with a new plate, registration card, and sticker while you wait.
PennDOT form MV140

Registration Renewals
When you have your state renewal form completed and signed, Hassler's can renew your registration instantly. You’ll receive your new registration card and sticker while you wait.  If you did not receive a form from PennDOT or have misplaced the renewal form, Hassler’s can still process your renewal quickly
. Just bring your valid insurance card and driver’s license and you’ll have your new registration card and sticker in a matter of minutes.
PennDOT form MV140

Transit Tags
The Internet makes it easy to find and buy vehicles anywhere across the nation. If you sell your vehicle to someone outside of Pennsylvania, the purchaser can obtain a Transit Tag here at Hassler’s. A Transit Tag gives the purchaser 30 days to drive across state lines and obtain a title in their home state. When applying for a Transit Tag, the purchaser must show their current out of state identification and proof of motor vehicle insurance.

Personalized Plates
To apply for a personalized or vanity plate, you will need your driver’s license and the information of the vehicle which the plate will be on. A current registration card is helpful as it provides all the information you will need to fill out the required documentation. PennDOT form MV904

Farm Vehicle Registration
If your business is farming and you want a 2-year Certificate of Exemption or a Farm Vehicle Registration Plate on a newly purchased or currently owned vehicle, Hassler’s Messenger Service can help. You will need to bring proof of vehicle or farm liability insurance, your driver’s license, and the Schedule F from the previous year’s tax return.
PennDOT form MV77

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Registration Restoration
When there is a lapse in your insurance, Hassler’s Notary & Automotive can assist you in restoring your vehicle’s registration. When the lapse is less than thirty days, Hassler’s will help you provide proof to PennDOT. If you received notice of suspension due to the lapse being over thirty days, Hassler’s will help you in restoring your registration once the suspension is served. You will need your valid driver’s license or state identification along with proof of current insurance.

Boat Registration Renewal
To renew your boat’s registration, it is helpful to have the previous registration card. If the card is unavailable, the boat’s title or hull number can be used. You will also need to bring your valid Pennsylvania driver’s license or photo identification. Additionally, you are required to submit information on how many gallons of fuel you used during the prior registration period for powered boats. Registrations are for a 2-year period.

Snowmobile & ATV Registration Renewal
You will need to bring your old registration information, title, or license plate number along with your current Pennsylvania driver’s license or photo identification. Hassler’s will issue a temporary registration sticker while you wait.

Antique & Classic Registration
Antique & Classic vehicle registration is permanent while the title remains in the current owner’s name. To register your vehicle as an Antique or Classic, you will need 4 color photos of the vehicle, the title, proof of insurance on the vehicle, and your driver’s license. The PennDOT Fact Sheet for Antique & Classic Registration provides more information about what will be required to complete the registration of your Antique or Classic vehicle.
PennDOT form MV11

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