Filling out state paperwork can sometimes be confusing to say the least. Hassler’s Notary & Automotive has an experienced staff that will make the process easier for you. Hassler’s will help you complete title transfers issuing your plate, registration card, and sticker while you wait. Our electronic capabilities allow you to receive a permanent plate in a matter of minutes so there is no need for a temporary registration paper in your rear window.

You can expedite your title work by being prepared with the documentation that is required to process your transaction. There may be instances where additional documentation will be needed, so if you are unsure of what to bring, please don’t hesitate to call to have your questions answered.

Seller Checklist

Required documentation:



Title Transfers
Hassler’s processes titles for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Motorhomes, Trailers, Boats, Snowmobiles, & ATVs. With Hassler’s online service, it’s fast and easy to transfer ownership instantly. As the purchaser, you can get a new plate, registration card, and sticker while you wait. Your new title arrives in the mail about a week later.

Duplicate Titles
In order to transfer ownership, you must have the title to that vehicle. If you are in need of a duplicate, Hassler’s Notary & Automotive can expedite getting your title replaced, sometimes as quick as a week, through our Messenger Service. In order to apply for a duplicate title, the owner or an individual with Power of Attorney must be here to have their signature notarized. A valid PA driver’s license or state issued ID card is required along with information about the vehicle such as a VIN, plate, or title number. PennDOT form MV38O

Salvage or Nonrepairable Certificates
If your vehicle is a total loss due to an accident, theft, or in a flood, you can apply for either a Salvage Certificate or a Nonrepairable Certificate. A Salvage Certificate allows you to return your vehicle to the road under a branded title. A Nonrepairable Certificate is issued for vehicles that will only be used for parts or scrap.
PennDOT form MV6

Branded Titles
Hassler’s can help you complete your application for Antique, Classic, Collectible, Street Rod, Reconstructed, Flood, & Recovered Theft, etc. Collectible, Street Rod, and Specially Constructed vehicles require PennDOT approval prior to titling.

Reconstructed Titles
Hassler’s Notary & Automotive is an Enhanced Safety Inspection Station with Certified Document Reviewers on staff. After you restore your vehicle to roadworthy condition, Hassler’s specialists can provide your enhanced inspection and process the required documentation for your reconstructed application for titling and registration. Reconstructed inspections and title work is Hassler’s specialty.
PennDOT form MV426B

Out of State Titles
Whether you are moving to Pennsylvania or you made a purchase in another state, Hassler’s will help make the titling process an uncomplicated one. If a trailer or vehicle was not required to be titled from a previous state, the purchaser must bring in a notarized bill of sale and a transferrable registration card.

Title Only
You may want to take ownership of a title without applying for registration. In this case, the seller and the purchaser simply need to bring state approved identification.

Title & New Plate
Hassler’s can issue a plate and registration for your car, truck, trailer, motorcycle, moped, or motorhome while you wait. If you are purchasing a motorcycle, motorhome or RV, you will need to show that you already have insurance on the same type of vehicle.

Title & Plate Transfer
When you plan to transfer a license plate from one vehicle to another, it is helpful if you bring the current or an old registration card for that plate. If you are unable to locate an old registration card, you can simply bring any of the following information: VIN, license plate number, or title number.

Title Transfer Involving Death
If the titled owner is deceased, you must have an original death certificate, or an original short certificate, or an MV39 filled out by an attending physician or funeral director. In some cases, all living heirs must sign an MV39 document. For more information on what is required in the event of death read PennDOT form MV39.

ATVs and Snowmobiles
The Commonwealth of PA requires all ATVs and snowmobiles be titled. Except for those used on farms or for business, they must also be registered. If the ATV or snowmobile came from a state that did not title or register the vehicle, a notarized bill of sale and a VIN tracing is required.

When transferring boat ownership, purchaser must have a notarized bill of sale if a transferrable registration card or title is not available. A bill of sale needs to include the following: hull number, length of boat, type of boat, type of material, seller’s name, address and signature, and the purchaser’s name, date, and the selling price.

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Occassionally additional documentation is required:

Buyer Checklist

Required Documentation:

Occassionally additional documentation is required:

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Proof of insurance - An actual current insurance card, binder, or declaration page. Copies are not acceptable, however, we can accept faxed copies sent directly from your insurance company to Hassler’s Notary office. An auto change binder is not acceptable.
A Bill of Sale or Buyer’s Receipt – must show the seller’s name, address, and contain seller’s signature. It must also identify the name of the purchaser, the VIN, date, and selling price of the vehicle.
A Weight Slip – if weights are not listed on the title of a truck or trailer, the vehicle must be weighed and the weights must be verified by an inspection mechanic. Form MV-41 must be filled out for this purpose.
An old Registration Card when transferring a plate
Company letterhead authorizing signer
VIN verification
Marriage Certificate or Court decree proving change of name
State approved identification - Valid driver’s license, photo ID card, U.S. Armed Forces Common Access Card
Death or Short Certificate
Power of Attorney documents
Company letterhead authorizing signer
Marriage Certificate or Court decree proving change of name
Title - The Seller MUST have a title in order to transfer ownership. There are exceptions where titles are not issued for certain out of state vehicles such as trailers, or boats.
State approved identification - Valid driver’s license, photo ID card, U.S. Armed Forces Common Access Card
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